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About us


Vanuit een klantgericht instelling wordt gewerkt aan een optimale oplossing voor uiteenlopende productielijnen. Goed luisteren en meedenken is hierin belangrijk. De volgende eigenschappen van iAUTOMATION zijn van toepassing; expertise, meedenken, ambitieus, resultaatgericht, empatisch vermogen, flexibiliteit, daadkracht, sociaal.

Our story

In 2009 iAUTOMATION starts programming and advising on process automation projects. A lot has changed since then, and iAUTOMATION has been able to do many fun projects. IAUTOMATION is currently a company with expert knowledge in the field of:

  • IT
  • Process automation
  • Machine automation
  • Consultancy
  • Project management
  • IT and digitalization for industry (Industry 4.0)

Project Mangement

Project Management for all our customers in all industries who want to automate processes.

Process Automation

Engineering, consultancy and turnkey solutions for all industry related automation projects.

IT Systems

Designing and implementing networks, server, domain, virtual and other solutions for the IT market. also a one-stop shop for all parts that you would like to purchase.


Service in the industry and IT market, for all solutions and management, both on a contract basis and on pay per cure.

Important data

Customers world wide
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Ambition and result oriented. These are characteristics of iAUTOMATION’s growth strategy. Since the establishment of iAUTOMATION in 2009, the company has been characterized by strong continuous growth: an average of 45% per year. The growth strategy can be summarized as follows:

  • Strengthening our position in our existing European markets; pharmaceutical, bio, energy and food and beverage.
  • Creating a strong presence world wide
  • Supporting a more efficient Oil and Gas market

iAUTOMATION is convinced that further sustainable growth is achievable with this strategy.