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What is TIA Portal

What is TIA Portal

TIA Portal is the Siemens Factory automation platform which means it is made to automate all machines or units in and around a factory. These can be pick and place robots, filling machines, welding robots and smaller single units like compressors or large drives for instance. TIA portal comes with its own set of hardware components especially made for these types of automation. These components, like the PLC, are very high speed (up to 1ms grouping), and have support for hardware and software like 3d coordinate navigation addons to support robot movement.

Where is TIA Portal used

Factory automation is the main field of use of TIA Portal, this means that in all case where there is a single controllable object or small process in a unit. Examples of where TIA Portal can be used are:

  • Welding robot
  • Bottle filling machine
  • Bottle capping machine
  • Sterilizing machine
  • Pick and place robot

These small units or single object have in common that they have relatively limited IO numbers, and they mostly have a high processing speed. this means that is smaller, faster PLC is better suited for controlling these items, then a bigger high capacity controller.

Why use TIA Portal

TIA Portal is mainly used to program the S7-1200 and S7-1500 PLC types made by Siemens. These PLCs can do factory automation safety and redundancy. The TIA Portal system does not come with a manufacturer maintained library, but libraries can be downloaded which makes using TIA Portal a lot easier. The TIA Portal system is also based the use of ladder logic, which is very easy to read for electricians. Having this option available is very useful onsite, because an electrical engineer can solve small issues that might occur during commissioning or maintenance.

TIA Portal also comes with a visualization layer that integrates directly into the Siemens manufactured HMI Touch panels. The visualization system is fully customizable, and can be optimized for the operator workflow in the factory where it will be used. This feature can also be used to create a standard control visualization that can be customized for each customer of a particular machine or robot.



Advantages of using TIA Portal

TIA Portal is a very easy system to learn for people with different engineering backgrounds, it has code for IT engineers and ladder for electrical engineers. The TIA Portal system can have PLCs that are is very high speed (1ms), and therefore very precise Control actions can be programmed. The system can connect to Siemens ET200s remote IO stations to extend its IO numbers, and so it can read a lot of inputs and outputs. It also has a visualization system built in that is free to configure for the engineers, and so it can be made to look however the factory would like it to look.

Engineering TIA Portal

TIA Portal Engineering consists of PLC code and Visualization code. The PLC can be programmed in code or in ladder logic, these are then place in a block diagram where they are linked together. The visualization has to be created with the base objects the system offers. Custom prototypes can be created and stored, so that they can be used as a base for the detailed engineering of the object set. Sequences can be created in the PLC as a sequence control, this object will make all of the interaction tags available to replicate the information on the visualization system.


iAUTOMATION has done a lot of projects using TIA Portal. We have a lot of experience in customizing existing systems, creating new automation and consulting on future projects. We have also done many advanced projects in complex, not done before, configurations and with new communication protocols. iAUTOMTION knows TIA Portal and all its components, but not only that, we also offer virualization, service, and engineering options for the process industry as a whole.


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