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iAUTOMATION Virtual Production Platform is a way to get your process automation or process industry applications to run in a validated, monitored and maintainable environment, very quickly and future proof. We have made this product with the pharmaceutical industry in mind, but obviously it can run on any industrial site or IT environment, as the principles of High availability, manageability and monitoring are quickly becoming more important for all IT and Industrial IT applications.

What is a validated system, and why would I need it?

If your company chose to implement its production and automation system according to the GAMP/GMP and FDA approved standards, there is often a lot of designing that needs to be done. These designs of the computer systems and the networks, would then need to adhere to the some the standards mentioned in the GAMP and FDA regulations, but also the standards mentioned in the standards. A quick scan of the standards that would need to be implemented, leads us to the following:

  • ISO 17799
  • ISO 270001 and 270002
  • ISO 100007
  • ISA 62443

Knowing this, the design of the computer platform and infrastructure needs to be made by the engineering team. After the design is made, the systems needs to be built or changes to reflect the design, and all the standards that were included in the design. After the engineering has been done and the system is built or in place, the computers and network need to be validated against the design in order to prove the system is working as intended. The system is now validated for operation, and any changes to it are not allowed.

What should I do to maintain a validated system?

Because a validated system is approved in its current state, the system cannot be changed. If the system is changed, the production cannot be started until a re-validation has been done. This re-validation is often done before a change, resulting in a change order. To allow the system to track and follow these principles, the iAUTOMATION Virtual Production Platform, tracks all changes to the configuration, and reports any unauthorized change. It also supports change orders, and saves the configuration of the state before the change, and after the change. Keeping a system validated is easy with the iAUTOMATION VPP, as it makes the Industrial IT environment hardware agnostic. You are now able to change any hardware without having to re-validate the control system environment or control system software. Due to the separation of virtual hardware and physical hardware, a virtual control system can be moved to any hardware connected to the iAUTOMATION VPP as a temporary resource or replacement resource. As the iAUTOMATION VPP is based on normal, off the shelf, hardware you can decide to replace any component at any time without stopping the operations side of the industrial IT environment.


VMWare High Availability for industry

What features and benefits will iAUTOMATION VPP offer?

iAUTOMATION VPP comes with a lot of important features to keep your Industrial IT environment operational at all times. It comes with cyber security features, availability features, management and monitoring features, performance features and scalability features. These features are, but not limited to, the following:

  • Dual Firewall and remote access options for security and managed access for remote service
  • Network and component monitoring for preventive maintenance
  • Network management for GxP
  • Domain and Terminal server role base access protection and access monitoring/logging
  • High availability for any virtual machine, control systems without HA option can become HA capable
  • Software defined networks, giving better options for securing data over physical networks
  • Fast application connections for data exchange
  • Less expensive hardware in the field, systems can be displayed on low performance display hardware
  • Maintenance during operation capabilities
  • Scalable\expandable during operation.
  • Tracking of all user actions
  • Clear reports on systems state, user activity and component logs

How and what can i buy?

iAUTOMATION VPP can be bought in 4 forms. We offer 3 standard packages for delivery of a GxP validated system. It comes with all documentation and will be installed at your site within 4 months. These 3 standard options are Small (up to 20 virtual machines), Medium (up to 50 virtual machines), and redundant (up to 40 virtual machine with Fault Tolerance enabled for 10 machines). The 4th package is a custom iAUTOMATION VPP that we will build with off the shelf components to your wishes.

To request a quote for an iAUTOMATION VPP, please contact sales@iautomation.nl


iAUTOMATION is an automation specialist that focuses on industrial automation, IT and the links between these two fields. With many years of experience in the industrial automation and IT world, iAUTOMATION is a mature partner that will benefit you.

iAUTOMATION provides complete projects for the industrial automation world with a specialty in PCS 7 consultancy and engineering. But other systems are also known to us and can be implemented by iAUTOMATION.

With knowledge of virtualization, networks, domains and IT management, iAUTOMATION is also a very suitable partner for all your IT questions and projects. We will always assist you with great enthusiasm and knowledge in your projects, and try to relieve our customers by proactively and positively tackling your project.

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