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Cyber Security

Cyber security

Keep data safe

Because you are busy defeating the competition on a daily basis, you do not want to make your production data public. That is why it is important to keep hackers or other people out of your systems. Your data must remain within the company so that you can optimally benefit from the knowledge and skills within your organization.

Secure your process

The moment your process installations or the IT environment that is linked to it is unsafe, people can break into your systems and influence production. This must of course always be prevented. It is therefore important that these systems are handled properly. After all, it is not only data that can be stolen, your production can also be adjusted.

Reduce the risk of burglary

When your production environment is connected to the internet, you make it very easy for Hackers or other malicious people to enter your operating environment. This can be prevented relatively easily by placing firewalls at strategic points or making other adjustments.

However, this is not the only option for influencing an environment. Often a security leak starts at your factory. That is why a good scan of your infrastructure is essential. Whitelisting, system hardening and virus scanners are indispensable in the IT environment of the future.

Viruses and malware

Once a Virus or malware has been found on one of the systems, a number of issues must be carefully considered that, apart from directly rendering the virus harmless, should certainly receive attention.

After all, one thing is important for your production environment, the quality of production. That is why it is very important to immediately analyze whether the virus or malware is affecting your production environment. If so, what the virus does and how to stop it. Not only remove a virus, also ensure that the damage caused is repaired.

iAutomation solution

At iAutomation, cyber security is one of the most important issues in the current climate. We are ready with appropriate advice, standard solutions and thorough knowledge in the field of cyber security in process automation. According to our specialists, you better have an overview of what you can still improve, then hope that nothing happens.

To facilitate this, iAutomation has now mapped out the 3 most important inventories for you, ready to have one of our specialists perform them.

Virus and Malware security

Scan: mapping of all PCs and the necessary measures to prevent viruses and malware.

Security: Installation of the selected software.

  • This software is charged separately.

iAutomation 1 year anti-virus SLA. iAutmation ensures that the software remains up-to-date for 1 year.

  • Secure Internet connection for remote management must be active.

Netwerk security

Scan: mapping of the automation network and the following safety report.

Security: After discussing the safety report, a problem approach is formulated and implemented.

  • Software / hardware is charged separately.

iAutomation 1 year safety audit SLA. iAutomation ensures that the agreed upon for 1 year

safety rules work as laid down

  • Secure Internet connection for remote management must be active.

Including Virus & Malware security package

Whitelisting and Active scans

Scan: mapping of all PCs, network risks via a safety report and a desired application scan.

Security: After analyzing the scans and discussing the safety report, a plan of approach is made and implemented.

  • Software / hardware is charged separately.

iAutomation 1 year cyber security SLA. iAutomation ensures for 1 year that the agreed actions are maintained in the action plan.

  • Secure Internet connection for remote management must be active.

Including Network security package.

Including Virus & Malware security package