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Version management

Version management

Knowing what changes

In an engineering process it is normal for things to change during the project. But what exactly has changed is never entirely clear. Version management can play a role in this. By applying the latest developments in the field of version management, versions are not only booked out and in, they can also be compared with each other to see what has been changed by whom and why.

Stopping changes

If a change in the project turns out not to work properly, functionality must normally be built back to the previous version. With a managed version management system, a previous state of the project can easily be loaded. With this the documents, software and other stored data are easily retrieved from version x to version x-2 so that nothing of the test remains in the final project.

Integration with engineering

Because software systems often have a closed architecture, few systems can handle version management well in these environments. However, the newest tools can now look directly into the automation software to compare the data and enable version management.

Now we can save versions, and clearly show the differences with other versions. These differences can be saved with the engineer’s comments with the specific version, and thus a change or test can be clearly and documented completed and saved.

Always according to spec

Some industries have special requirements when it comes to specification, testing and verification. Versions, change management and following requirements must be fully documented. These branches can also be fully supported with the latest version management systems.

Because the software imposes strict requirements on user rights, and uses techniques to prevent data manipulation, projects that are related to FDA certification can also be set up quickly and rely on these tools. Not only are you sure that the correct version is running on your system, you also know when the last change took place.

iAUTOMATION solution

At iAUTOMATION we have long been involved in projects with special requirements when it comes to verification and change management. We rely internally on the power of our version management tools, and are happy to show them. With us you can quickly and easily board with our managed versioning system. You can then connect to our servers and perform your version management here. Also placing a server with you is together with iAUTOMATION a solution that will save a lot of money and worries.

iAUTOMATION Managed versioning

Up to 2 users

Up to 100 documents or object

iAUTOMATION availability guarantee of 90%

  • Minimum 12 months

Version managment Basis

Versioning Server with internal project storage

Licenses and Software

  • 2 users

1 day of training

Version managment for large projects

Versioning server with external project storage

Licenses and Software

  • 15 users

2 days of training