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TIA Portal

TIA Portal

Machine automation

Industrial automation consists of many forms, for example Machine automation, process automation, system integration and data communication. There is a separate automation platform available for every application, and the TIA Portal platform from Siemens for machine automation. This platform not only offers automation software, but also PLCs, remote IO, sensors, actuators and even PCs.

TIA Portal Hardware

From the small S7-1200 PLC, to the S7-1500 and even the S7-400, the most Siemens PLCs can be used with the TIA Portal. This hardware differs greatly from costs, but also from scope and possibilities, and often has standard built-in IDs that can also be used. Furthermore, all Siemens remote IO stations can of course be connected to these PLCs.

Software environment

The best of Siemens when it comes to machine automation is built into this platform. Both a very beautiful and easy-to-learn engineering environment, but also a multi-usable visualization layer. The visualization within TIA Portal works both on a panel and on a fully-fledged PC and can therefore be operated with touch. Operating with the touch functionality is especially useful in protected zones, because it has the advantage that no open connections have to be made with a PC or Panel PC. The engineering system contains possibilities for programming using all Siemen tools such as:

  • Steps of programs
  • Block diagrams
  • Ladder diagrams
  • Code programs

When to use TIA portal

TIA Portal is mainly used in machine automation, with the most common types of automation being the following:

  • Transport systems
  • Robots
  • CNC machines
  • Small (+/- 20 IO) Machines
  • Medium sized (+/- 75 IO) Machines
  • Large (+/- 150 IO) machines
  • Small (+/- 50 IO) production lines, without batch control

Machines where medium high availability, but high execution speed is required.

The big advantage of this machine control is that decisions and control can take place at high speed. This way promotions can take place very precisely.

iAUTOMATION solution

At iAUTOMATION we work with Siemens products in many projects including TIA Portal. That is why we also have our specialists for setting up programs within the TIA Portal system. These specialists can help you with the design, programming, testing and commissioning of machine control based on TIA Portal. Below we have 3 services that iAUTOMATION offers when it comes to machine control.


Help designing the required functionality

Checking the software during engineering

Witness testing during the testing process


Support in making the software for the control

Support in making the HMI for control

Testing the control made

Commissioning of the control made

Turn key solutions

Writing the design

Implement the design

Testing the software

Hardware testing

Commissioning of the entire solution

Project Management during the project

Consultancy prior to creating the design