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Production Order Managment

Production Orders

Connect your systems

Because production systems and business systems are often considered separately within production companies, there is usually no direct link between the business management system and the production system. With this linking software this link is made possible, and you can load and execute orders from your customer directly in the production environment.

Reduce the risk of errors

Because the business systems and the production system are directly linked to each other, fewer errors occur when transferring customer orders to production orders. Because this no longer has to be done with forms or on paper, there is less chance of incorrect data transfer into the production system. This results in less waste of time and materials due to possible rejection or over-produced production.

Production information

The production information is crucial in optimizing the efficiency of the production process. That is why iAUTOMATION delivers a MES system where there is a clear overview of the planned batches of an order, and the status of the batches that are currently being executed within an order.

Now the production management can clearly see the current status of company orders that have been loaded into the system.

Material management

When it comes to planning and saving, it is always good to report the exact consumption back to the business management system in addition to executing orders. Because a clear overview can now be made of how many raw materials are used for each batch, it is therefore possible to plan well in advance and to determine when which raw material is needed. Material management within the iAUTOMATION MES system is therefore essential for LEAN production.

iAUTOMATION solution

iAUTOMATION has a number of solutions for MES systems or other links between business management systems and production systems. iAUTOMATION has its own MES system that can be specially adapted to your wishes. Furthermore, there are a number of ISA S95 specialists within iAUTOMATION who can help you implement any other MES system. Below you can find a number of packages that you can request directly from iAUTOMATION.

MES Consultancy

Advice in the field of technical implementations within a project

Assistance during the implementation of the Technical solutions

Test of the correct Technical operation of the complete implementation against the requirements of the user (URS)

Contribution of ISA S95 knowledge to the project

Additional options are charged separately:
• OEE Meeting

iAUTOMATION MES Software for PCS 7

Implementation of the iAUTOMATION MES system.

Link between your ERP system and iAUTOMATION MES

Possible adjustments to the MES system to adapt the system to your working method.

MES quick scan

1 day onsite analysis and interviews of current situation

1 report that shows the current situation in the field of ISA S95 and an optimization proposal

Additional options are charged separately:
• OEE Meeting