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Process Safety

PCS 7 Safety

Functional Safety

A safety system is needed when a danger can arise in the production environment that is too dangerous to exist. This means that a way has to be found to build in extra security, this can be done by applying passive systems, designing the system differently or by installing a piece of extra software in the operating system that can intervene.


Within PCS 7 all hardware is available to realize a system at SIL3 level of security. However, it must also be possible for the actuators and sensors to create a SIF (signal from input to output) that is also SIL 3. So basically you only have to calculate your sensors and actuators and you can scale your SIF calculation at SIL level. This often means that you can create a SIL3 SIF within PCS 7 with a single sensor and actuator.


PCS 7 has specially made and certified software that makes it possible to make safety software with the well-known PCS 7 programming tools.

Because the hardware is automatically tested by the PLC, the programmer does not have to do anything else than when programming normal software. Communication with the field is also automatically generated and monitored via Profisafe.

Safety Matrix

Because a PCS 7 system has an integrated visualization and engineering system, a tool is possible that connects the safety system 1 to 1 with the operator. This tool is called Safety Matrix, and in this tool safety actions can be defined as in a table. These actions are then loaded into the software, but this table is also placed directly on the control panels so that the operator can also view a table with shutdown logic. This is a very pleasant overview for the operator.

iAUTOMATION solution

At iAUTOMATION we have a number of certified process safety specialists in the field of IEC61511 / IEC61508 and Siemens PCS 7 F-Systems. Our specialists can assist you with everything within the safety spectrum. Below is a brief overview of some of our services.

IEC61511 Consultancy

Advice with Hazop, Lopa, SIF specification

Support in calculating SIL classification

Implementation PCS 7 Safety

Implementation of the PCS 7 safety system

Testing the implemented functionality.

PCS 7 Safety Consultancy

Advice with Hazop, Lopa, SIF specification

Support in calculating SIL classification

Support during the implementation

Support during test phase