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Siemens Simatic PCS 7

Why PCS 7

Simatic PCS 7 is the Process Automation System from Siemens AG. This system is very versatile and based on modular and object-oriented programming, operation and management. With the supplied libraries, a project can be started quickly and rapid implementation times can be achieved. PCS 7 is therefore an excellent platform to rapidly realise a high quality implementation.

Update en Upgrade

With the PCS 7 system you can continuously update and upgrade it without loss of any data. So you can expand the functionality but also upgrade to the next version of the system without having to reprogram or disable anything. Obviously it is important that the correct configuration of the system is selected to make this functionality possible.


Because PCS 7 is very scalable, a simple set-up could be the starting point and during the life cycle of the process it can continue to grow in accordance with the wishes and requirements of the process. This means that when more capacity is required within the system, more capacity will be installed.

A great deal is possible with systems such as Batch, Route Control, PLC redundancy and a server-client solution. These solutions can be implemented into the system from the start of the process, but can also be added later to ensure that the system is always up to date.


Maintenance is of course always required within a production process. PCS 7 makes it easier to perform certain maintenance work within your production process. It is also possible to connect various existing maintenance systems to the PCS 7 system and to share the data this way.

The maintenance of the PCS 7 system itself can also be performed without interrupting the process. Because PCS 7 offers functionality to make maintenance easy, there are very limited costs associated with the maintenance of the system itself.

iAUTOMATION solution

At iAUTOMATION we have extensive knowledge of the PCS 7 system. Thanks to our many years of project experience and in-depth knowledge of the system, we know how to solve all issues within PCS 7. iAUTOMATION is therefore a very suitable partner when it comes to PCS 7 consultancy, design, engineering and executing turn key projects with you. Below you will find a summary of the iAUTOMATION project roles.

PCS 7 Consultancy

Support with recognising functionality

Creating a Bill Of Material

Support with setting up the PCS 7 Basic Project before the engineering is started

PCS 7 Engineering

Creating technical system documentation from the provided Functional system document

Implementing the functionality in accordance with the technical design

Testing the implemented software against the technical design

Testing the implemented software against the functional design

PCS 7 Turn-key projecten

PCS 7 Consultancy

Creating technical system documentation from the Functional system document supplied

Implementing the functionality according to the technical design

Testing the implemented software against the technical design

Testing the implemented software against the functional design

Placement and Commissioning of the PCS 7 system (Computers, PLCs, networks, remote I / O)

Commissioning of the system on site.