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Managed Software Engineering

Integrated Engineering

Manage your own standard

With the new generation of engineering tools, engineering objects can be managed in a database from start to implementation. This means that lists no longer have to be created for import and export, but one database holds all data for the objects and makes them available to other processes.

Software that gets better

Because there is one database with data, everyone within the project or organization can continue with this data. This makes it easier to exclude copy errors. Lessons learned from previous projects can also be linked to the standards of the future. This calculated insight into improvement, and engineering objects for subsequent projects.

Use databases

Because projects are difficult enough to implement, you want to ensure that data does not have to be entered by 3 different disciplines. These days, this is often the case because every discipline has a different engineering tool.

With these new tools, anyone can work with the same objects from one database. This has the advantage that the electrical engineer enters data that can then be used by people on site, but is also immediately visible to the software engineer. The software engineer can then import it directly into his engineering environment.

Everything in one system

Because all engineers work in one system, everyone can see the status of end products such as P&ID, Circuit diagrams and software. These documents can also be viewed and the object data can be viewed.

However, the advantage of integrated engineering is not only for large projects. Even if only software is done for a project, this way of engineering can save many hours. Many more standards can be used from libraries, and the projects can be managed much more easily.

iAUTOMATION solution

At iAUTOMATION we are ahead when it comes to smart and integrated engineering. With experience in COMOS, PCS 7 Automation Base, Typical Manager and older tools, we have gained many years of experience. If you are thinking of switching to a new way of engineering, come and talk to one of our specialists. We have also described a number of target prices for you here.

Software engineering

Virtual Engineering Environment

Engineering Training 1 week

Software and Licenses


  • For implementation 1 month
  • During implementation 2 months


Software and Electrical engineering

Virtual Engineering Environment

Engineering Training 2 weeks

Software and Licenses


  • For implementation 2 months
  • During implementation 3 months

Multi disciplinary projects

Virtual Engineering Environment

Engineering Training 6 weeks

Software and Licenses


  • For implementation 4 months
  • 8 months during implementation