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ISA 95

ISA 95 standard


Because ISA 95 describes a very large amount of functionality, the standard is divided into a number of function blocks that describe part of the functionality. These parts have a number and can therefore be referred to when describing an ISA 95 solution. This is important because many companies already have functionality, but not in a system, or partly in an automation system that needs to be replaced.

Where can you find the ISA95 functionality

Because many companies print a production order on paper and give it to a production head, there is actually always functionality that is described in the ISA 95 standard. The question is therefore often how we can map these processes, so that we can later incorporate them into a system and thus guarantee continuity. ISA 95 functionality can therefore often be found throughout the company in various forms.

Parts described in the ISA95 standard

The parts of ISA 95 that occur within your company and that can be mapped with this standard are the following:

  • Order Processing
  • Production Scheduling
  • Production Control
  • Material and Energy control
  • Procurement
  • Quality Assurance
  • Product Inventory Control
  • Product Cost Accounting
  • Product shipping administration
  • Maintenance management

Which means that if there is one of these processes in your company, you can also look at the ISA 95 standard to better align processes.

What is influenced by the ISA95 standard

Because the ISA 95 standard binds a number of functionalities to a method, this has also been given a name. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) systems is the name of the set of functionalities that the ISA 95 standard offers. The moment there is talk of the necessity to connect functionality as it is mentioned in the ISA 95 standard, a MES solution can be looked at. Within a MES solution, the various forms of registration and export of production are linked to each other to arrange 5 things:

  • Communication between functionality without human interaction
  • The ability to connect data to each other
  • The ability to make Just In Time decisions
  • Overview of the entire order chain in one system
  • one point where the links with production and enterprise platforms come about

As a plant manager you can save a lot of money and gain a better insight into your production progress through these advantages.

iAutomation solution

Because iAUTOMATION has developed its own MES system and also has a lot of experience with other MES systems, iAUTOMATION has been working with the ISA 95 standard for a long time. If you are interested in more information about this standard, a MES system or you are planning to purchase a MES system. Then contact iAUTOMATION or view our 3 service below. For MES implementations you naturally also opt for iAUTOMATION.

MES quick scan

iAUTOMATION inventarises which functionality of the ISA 95 standard is covered within your company and reports these findings in a report with advice.

Connector software

Because there are many different software and systems present in a factory, and these often have to exchange data with each other, iAUTOMATION can ensure that these systems can communicate with each other via a connector.

Project Consultancy

iAUTOMATION can of course always help you with your project as a consultant, we are happy to share our knowledge with your organization if you undertake an ISA 95 implementation.