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Batch processen

Batch processes

Recipe-driven production

Because multiple products are made in many factories, it makes sense to do this via a recipe. In this way, product parameters are stored and adjusted in a central location. With a batch system, the progress of a production run can also be monitored, and changes can be made. All this through a standardized way of working, approving and managing.

Multiple products

If you produce multiple products, you probably have planned time in your production to convert machines. With a batching system this is no longer necessary. Settings and data are loaded per production run to a production line, so that it can adjust for this product. If the next batch starts with the next product, the machines are reset and the production line can make another product without change time.

Tracking and Tracing

An important concept within batch systems is the tracking and tracing of production runs (batches). If an inconsistency is unexpectedly found in a batch, the production chain can be viewed with the tracking and tracing tools.

In this way the producer is able to identify the source of inconsistencies, and thus exclude any errors in other products.

Validation and reporting

Because some customers have special requirements for reports with their product, you sometimes have to provide a production report. With the batch package, this can be stored quickly and clearly per batch so that you can include this with your products.

It is also possible to set up validation mechanisms so that you can produce, validate and report in accordance with the applicable guidelines in your industry.

iAUTOMATION solution

At iAUTOMATION we have been working on batch systems for a long time, and have gained a lot of knowledge about this. We can support you in every way when it comes to batch processes, iAUTOMATION can help you in designing, implementing, testing and reporting. Below is a brief overview of what iAUTOMATION can do for you.

Batch system Design

Designing Steps programs for the PLC

Designing Recipes for the Batch system


Batch Implementation

Implementing Steps programs for the PLC

Implementing Recipe for the Batch system

Implementing a link between Batch system and the PLC

Batch Reporing

Designing Batch Reporting

Adjusting communication between Batch system and reporting system

Implementing Batch Reporting

Testing the final automatic report generation