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Other branches

Other branches

iAUTOMATION does a lot for different sectors, below is a list of services that we offer for all sectors:

For the Industry

  • Process Automation (PCS 7, PCS Neo, Wonderware, Rockwell, Emerson)
  • Process Safety (PCS 7 SIS, SIS Compact, Distributed safety, HIMA)
  • Machine Automation (TIA Portal, Step 7)
  • Automation consultancy
  • Turnkey projects
  • MES projects
  • ERP Integration
  • Project Management
  • Maintenance for Industry
  • Virtualization projects
  • Cyber ​​Security

IT Solutions

  • IT system management
  • Managed IT environments
  • IT solutions for industry, education, SMEs and governments
  • Deliver IT systems
  • ICT Consultancy
  • Maintenance for IT
  • Virtualization projects
  • Cyber ​​Security
  • Backup solutions and Virus protection
  • Project Management

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