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PRINCE2 Project Mangement

PRINCE2 is a project management methodology that describes a project from start to finish and divides it into steps. These steps are started and completed according to a standard outcome and have a fixed number of incoming and outgoing documents. The outcome documents from the previous step are often incoming documents for the next step.

The method also describes which parties should be involved in the project at what time, and what the parties should provide an informed opinion and outcome about. Some steps of the project completion within PRINCE2 are the following:

  • Project Startup (SU)
  • Initiate a project (IP)
  • Directing a project (DP)
  • Controlling the project (CS)
  • Managing the project deliverables (MP)
  • Managing the project internships (SB)
  • Closing the project (CP)

All of these steps include work packages for the engineers being assembled, so that the engineers can do their job with all the information that is important. Based on these work packages, steps are completed and deliverables are made. These deliverables form the completed project parts that are delivered to the customer.

When all parts have been delivered, the project is ready and the customer can use his new system.

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