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Cost management

Costs and Planning management

When planning projects it is important to look clearly at milestones and how best to deal with the people in the project to achieve these milestones. Through years of experience with projects, iAUTOMATION has a clear idea when setting up project schedules. Also, schedules in a project are often not fixed, but the planning changes due to external influences. Therefore, the schedule needs to be updated occasionally with a view to achieving the milestones. iAUTOMATION can manage these things for your project and keep the project controlled together with the project manager.

IAUTOMATION can also monitor the costs of the project and ensure that they do not incur uncontrolled costs. Together with the project manager, the cost controller will keep track of all project finances and report to the project manager. The cost controller will also provide advice on how to handle further expenses within the project.

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