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Project Management

Project Management

Agile is one of the project / product management methodologies that the iAUTOMATION project managers use to ensure that projects run in a controlled manner.

PRINCE2 is the standard in project management for iAUTOMATION, all project managers within iAUTOMATION are trained with the PRINCE2 method.

The GAMP standard is important for all projects where validation is central. iAUTOMATION has a lot of experience and knowledge of projects with GAMP and all our documentation standards are based on GAMP.

iAUTOMATION can play a supporting role for your projects, in this role the iAUTOMATION project manager will ensure that the processes and project groups start the project via the Agile and PRINCE2 methodologies.

Cost and planning management is an extremely important process within a project, which is why iAUTOMATION can take over for your project. This gives you a professional basis for your project, so that you keep a grip on your project.