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Noble BIO Virtual production platform

Noble BIO Virtual production platform

iAUTOMATION was asked to come up with a better solution for managing Noble BIO’s process automation IT systems. iAUTOMATION’s Virtual Production Platform was the product they were looking for, with the added redundacy features Noble BIO can keep their fermenters running at all times. iAUTOMATION delivered the Virtual Production Platform in a short time due to the quick configuration time we iAUTOMATION can achieve with the standardised approach. The system was configure with the following items:

  • 1 Domain controller (Windows server 2019)
  • 1 Terminal server (Windows server 2019)
  • 4 Process automation stations (Windows server 2012R2 and windows 7)
  • 1 backup server (Windows server 2019)
  • 1 network monitoring server (Windows server 2019)

This was all virtualized using hardware from our business partners

  • 1 HPE 42U server cabinet
  • 2 HPE dual cpu hosts, with redundant power, virtualized into 1 cluster with onboard storage
  • 2 HPE 48port switches with redundant power supply for redundancy
  • 1 Eaton UPS with power management software
  • 1 QNAP NAS for backup storage
  • 1 Fortigate Firewall with 2 factors authentication for VPN

All of this is running their PCS 7 Version 9.0 process automation system, with simatic batch running their production recipes.

The upgrade and expansion paths for Noble BIO are now much cheaper then before, as the can use spare capacity on the virtual cluster to copy machines and test updates, and do all their maintenance online. The can also extend their process automation by getting license and copying a virtual machine, which requires no installation and comes with all the required network connections.

ClientNoble BIO
SkillsVMware, Cyber security, HPE Products, Network managment, Virtualization of Process Automation
MarketBiologics - Fermentation
ProductBacillus fermentation
ScopeVirtualisation of control system
Project typeTurn-key delivery to site