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Nanomi Virtual Production Platform

Nanomi Virtual Production Platform

At Nanomi the need for an IT system that could be GxP validated, led them to the iAUTOMATION Virtual Production Platform. iAUTOMATION understood what Nanomi need and made a quick design for them, so Namomi could see what iAUTOMATION’s VPP could do for them. After iAUTOMATION made an offer, we got the okay to proceed the engineering and validation of the VPP we would build for them. This VPP was designed, engineered, built and validated in 3 months time. The commissioning took about 2 weeks, and after the commissioning Nanomi was able to move all of their validated IT systems over to the pre-validated IT platform.

iAUTOMATION VPP allows the user to stay validated throughout the systems lifetime by employing a number of Monitoring and reporting system. These system will tell you and iAUTOMATION when something changes, and you will have the opportunity to automatically roll back any changes, unless you approve them.

The system delivered to Nanomi consisted of:

  1. 1 Domain controller linked to the Lupin central domain controller
  2. 1 Terminal server for remote access configuration
  3. 1 Backup and replication server
  4. 1 Mangement station
  5. 1 Intelligent power management station
  6. 1 Network monitoring server
  7. 1 IGEL UMS station
  8. 8 Thin clients for a control room rework

This all runs on the following VPP Hardware configuration:

  • 1 42u Server cabinet
  • 1 42u Network patch panel
  • 2 HPE Dual CPU, redundant power suppy, hosts
  • 1 Fiber optic path panel
  • 3 48 port HPE 1GBe Redundant power supply switches with 10GBe uplinks
  • 1 HPE Core network switch 24ports of 10GBe
  • 1 Rack console
  • 1 HPE SAN
  • 4 Eaton UPS
  • 1 Automatic Transfer Switch
  • 1 QNAP NAS

The system has been running since 2019, and has been running without any issues.

Client Nanomi
SkillsVMWare, GLP, HPE, Veeam, Industrial IT, Cyber security, Microsoft
ProductMonosphere Technology
ScopeVirtualization of production IT
Project typeVirtualization of production IT