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GR5 Compressors

GR5 Compressors

iAUTOMATION was tasked to complete the SGT600 gas turbine and Siemens STC compressor software in a dual PCS 7 AS410-5H system configuration with one controller for process control and one controller for Safety control. This project needed to be duplicated for 3 units, and retagged for a single HMI. This included:

  • SGT600 package configuration and project specific changes
  • Sequences and control software for the Siemens Compressor
  • anti-surge control
  • safety logic for process gas
  • Integration with PDM for HART device integration

iAUTOMATION did the following work in this project

  • Engineering of the automation software (FDS/SDS)
  • Control cabinet layout engineering (HDS)
  • Unit communication layout
  • Programmed all the PCS 7 software (AS and OS)
  • Internal test with SIMIT model (Simit model was created by iAUTOMATION)
  • FAT with the customer
  • Supported the Siemens commissioning team
ClientSiemens NL
SkillsPCS 7
MarketOil and gas
ProductSiemens SGT600
ScopeTurbo compressor
Project typeTurn-key delivery to site