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Securing Hybrid cloud

The Trend Micro Hybrid Cloud Security solution, made possible by XGen ™ security, offers a combination of multi-generation threat generation techniques that are optimized to protect physical, virtual and cloud workloads. It contains Trend Micro ™ Deep Security ™, the market leader in server security, and protects millions of physical, virtual and cloud servers around the world.

Network security

Maintain the integrity of your business with a network security system that ensures that your data, communications, intellectual property and other intangible assets are not monetized by unwanted third parties. Thousands of international companies rely on our unique combination of innovative next-generation intrusion prevention. We enable them to prevent targeted attacks, advanced threats, and ransomware variants, including WannaCry and beyond, from being embedded or distributed within your network.

Using XGen ™ security, Trend Micro Network Defense provides industry-leading insight into zero-day vulnerabilities and proactive countermeasures from Digital Vaccine Labs (DVLabs) and Zero Day Initiative.

User protection

Your users are an important source of risk in your organization – they want to work where and how they want. How do you ensure that your business information is free of prying eyes and that your users do not create any gaps in your security? Trend Micro User Protection, an XGen ™ security solution, protects your users against today’s changing threats, such as fileless malware, targeted attacks, and ransomware variants, including WannaCry. Multiple integrated layers of protection for endpoint, e-mail, web and SaaS applications protect your users regardless of device, application, network or location.