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HP Enterprise

HPE Software defined data center

Software-defined infrastructure is not tied to specific hardware and works with little human intervention. Many important IT functions can be fully integrated and automated with this model. Important benefits include:

  • Full data center virtualization
  • Automated configuration, backups and data recovery
  • Easy management
  • Fully integrated hybrid cloud options

HPE Servers and Data storage

With HP Enterprise, buy your best in class hardware for both the servers and data storage systems. With the known servers as the:

  • HPE Proliant DL 380 which is the most versatile and upgradeable server on the market
  • HPE Proliant DL580 that has the most performance out of the box
  • HPE Proliant DL360 that has the most extensibility in 1 hour height

and the

  • MSA2050 SAN
  • MSA2040 SAN
  • StoreEasy
  • StoreVirtual
  • StoreOnce

you can start small and grow your IT environment with your business needs.

HPE Aruba switch technology

With Aruba switches, HP Enterprise has a complete portfolio when it comes to the deployability of switch technology. HP Enterprise can offer switches for Edge distribution with the series:

  • 2530, 2540
  • 2920, 2930m, 2930f

or the switches to make backbone connections with:

  • 3810
  • 5400R
  • 8320

With these switches it is possible to set up a secure network with high bandwidth. HPE Aruba also has many options in the field of wireless technology. The wireless technology can be supplied with self-programming functionality, and even a wireless access point with Bluetooth beacons can be supplied. The Bluetooth beacons can, for example, be useful for internal location determination, linked to digital marketing or digital signage.


At iAUTOMATION we know what virtualization means, which is why iAUTOMATION is also the right partner for your organization when it comes to virtualization. Together with HP Enterprise, iAUTOMATION has various options for solving the challenges in your IT environment.