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Managed Industrial IT by iAUTOMATION

Managed Industrial IT by iAUTOMATION

When setting up an IT environment for the Industrial IT / control systems on your site, the systems are often supplied by the equipment manufacturer. This causes a lot of system differences, and a lot of different spares and maintenance actions by different companies to be executed at site. What if there would be a system that could be maintained by one company, and have all of the computer systems loaded on to them? There would be a lot less people involved in keeping the site running, there would be a single pool of spares and a single management interface that would make the day to day management more consistent.

Does such a system exists?

iAUTOMATION has a managed industrial IT concept, that will help you by providing all the IT systems you need, and also maintaining them for you. The Managed industrial IT system is based on our Virtual Production Platform and adds a managed service contract. This means that iAUTOMATION will actively monitor and service your industrial IT environment, and keep you up to date by sending you detailed reports on the performance and safety of your industrial IT system.

The daily management can also be performed by the iAUTOMATION service and support team based on a remote connection to the site. This will allow the iAUTOMATION experts to do all the daily management of users, servers, applications and technical support for you based on the requests you send us. Having a managed Industrial IT system makes it possible to only think about production, and spend less money on having support people onsite.

iAUTOMATION VPP (Virtual production platform)

iAUTOMATION Network configuration manager

What will iAUTOMATION install onsite?

iAUTOMATION has many components that support industrial IT environments. For a managed IT environment we would typically advice to use our Industrial IT components like:

  • iAUTOMATION VPP – Virtual Production Platform (Industrial IT virtualization system)
  • iAUTOMATION NCM Plus6 (IT Operations management, Network monitoring and management )
  • iAUTOMATION Service Gateway (Secure remote service connection with 2 factor authentication)

iAUTOMATION uses IT standard hardware that is “off the shelf” hardware manufactured by industry leading brands like HP Enterprise, Eaton,  Fortinet. And we use software from our business partners like: Microsoft, VMWare, TrendMicro and Veeam.

Besides this, iAUTOMATION will virtualize your industrial automation system, and other applications for you, and install them on the VPP. The work done will be documented, so the environment documentation can be kept up to date. This is useful when you would like to change control systems, or maybe even upgrade the IT environment later on. iAUTOMATION will also keep you up to date on the available resources in the Industrial IT system.

If at any point an application needs more resources to keep its performance guaranteed, iAUTOMATION will advice to upgrade the resources, and upon agreement, iAUTOMATION will expand the Industrial VPP for you.

What documentation will I receive?

iAUTOMTION will typically deliver a base documentation set to keep to costs lower for your initial investment. if however you require a full GxP documentation set, we are more then capable of delivering a complete, signed and validated GxP compliant documentation set. The base documentation set consists of:

  • Network IP Plan and VLAN allocation
  • Network Architecture including security zoning
  • Cabinet drawings
  • Virtual Platform Sizing analysis
  • FDS/HDS/SDS/FAT/SAT documentation
  • User roles and rights
  • Software, Equipment, Device and cable lists
GxP compliance

iAUTOMATION virtual production platform and the managed Industrial IT system are fully GxP compliant, and iAUTOMATION will include all the necessary documentation and processes if GxP compliance is required for you site. Because iAUTOMATION will not change any industrial application software, non of the currently validated systems have to be re-validated. So you can keep running your current environment, until we switch over to the managed Industrial IT system. upon switching over, the applications will remain running without change, and so a switch over can be done in a day.

To keep and monitor your GxP validation, iAUTOMATION will include the iAUTOMATION NCM Plus6 module. This Network configuration manager module will monitor all devices in the industrial IT network, and when something changes, it will create an alarm. At this point, the change can be reverted, and an investigation can be started by iAUTOMATION service and support. When a change needs to be done, iAUTOMATION can handle all the required change management actions, and with a change request in the NCM, log and secure any changes in the Industrial IT environment.

How can i get more information on Managed Industrial IT?

For more information please contact sales@iautomation.nl or send us a message on linkedin.


iAUTOMATION is an automation specialist that focuses on industrial automation, IT and the links between these two fields. With many years of experience in the industrial automation and IT world, iAUTOMATION is a mature partner that will benefit you.

iAUTOMATION provides complete projects for the industrial automation world with a specialty in PCS 7 consultancy and engineering. But other systems are also known to us and can be implemented by iAUTOMATION.

With knowledge of virtualization, networks, domains and IT management, iAUTOMATION is also a very suitable partner for all your IT questions and projects. We will always assist you with great enthusiasm and knowledge in your projects, and try to relieve our customers by proactively and positively tackling your project.

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