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The iAUTOMATION Network configuration manager, is a management device that tracks all changes in the connected networks and highlights them for you to approve. The device is configured by the iAUTOMATION service department for your VLAN/network configuration and can directly plugin to the iAUTOMATION remote service system. This integration makes sure iAUTOMATION service engineers can act when something happens in your network.

The network configuration manager device not only checks the network for changes, it also monitors the performance and status of all devices. By monitoring the devices, it makes it easy to see where bottlenecks are, where the system needs attention, where money can be made or saved and where the current system error is. This is can be configured to be reported  in a report, an alert email or even an automated ticket in to your IT maintenance system.


  • 4 Core 3,5 GHz performance
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 6 x 1000Mbps Network interfaces
  • 240 GB SSD
  • 1U 19" device for easy rack mounting
  • Optional: Up to 1TB SSD


  • 50 Device monitor license
  • Linux OS with firewall
  • Automated firewall analysis
  • Network configuration monitoring
  • Network and network device performance and status monitoring
  • Optional: Connection to iAUTOMATION Service center for Industrial IT

Order the iAUTOMATION NCM now. Contact sales@iautomation.nl to order your iAUTOMATION NCM, ask for more information or invite us for a demonstration.

We offer online demonstrations upon request.

About the author

Dennis is Technical Director at iAUTOMATION, where he is responsible for all the technical queries and technical solutions that iAUTOMATION provide. Dennis also helps customers and the iAUTOMATION consultants with the technical side of projects and designs. Dennis has a lot of experience with process control systems and IT infrastructure, this is why his experience is key in projects that include both these areas of expertise like MES, virtualization and process automation projects.

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