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Welcome to the website of iAUTOMATION iAUTOMATION is a service provider specializing in industrial process automation and digitalization.
We Consult, Engineer and Manage process automation in the pharmaceutical, food and bio industry and energy sector.
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Introducing IIOT Studio


With years of experience in batch processing and extensive knowledge of food and beverage processes, iAUTOMATION is a very good partner for your food project.

The Pharmaceutical industry is well known at iAUTOMATION, we handle projects with full GAMP compliance.

iAUTOMATION is also the suitable partner for the organic industry, because of our knowledge of Batch processes and validation, we can certainly help you further with your process automation.

iAUTOMATION has a lot of experience with projects in the energy distribution and energy generation industry. We can implement both the controls and the regulations for your location.

iAUTOMATION is currently involved in many industry 4.0 and industrial digitalization projects. iAUTOMATION has a lot of experience creating an industry 4.0 compatible work environment and creating a digital twin.

iAUTOMATION has solutions for all industries that are very interesting. Even if your industry is not listed here, iAUTOMATION probably has services that you can certainly be interested in. Look here for our general services.


Linking the business process and the production process is often a difficult and complex task, but ensures higher efficiency within the company. Because iAUTOMATION has a lot of knowledge of ISA 95 and has its own MES framework, we can answer all your questions about linking business process and production process, and we can even work and implement solutions with you.

Virtualization of IT environments is already quite normal for the office environment, iAUTOMATION understands this a lot, and often does this type of project. But because iAUTOMATION has a lot of knowledge of industrial systems and IT systems, we are the best partner to participate in virtualization of IT platforms in the industry. iAUTOMATION speaks your language and knows what is important for industrial IT systems. Even if your company works with GMP or GAMP principles, iAUTOMATION is the most suitable partner. All our virtualization projects meet the GMP and GAMP guidelines and we deliver the right documents with our systems.

Because more and more companies have a business-critical IT system, they must always be available and secure. iAUTOMATION has a lot of experience with setting up highly available networks and securing network and data traffic.


iAUTOMATION is one of the better partners for ICT projects in education. We offer a complete unburdening of all IT related tasks for education.

iAUTOMATION has a number of pre-configured systems and solutions especially for SMEs that you can use immediately. This allows you to fully concentrate on your core business.

iAUTOMATION is happy to assist governments and large companies with their IT projects. Whether it is about virtualization, cyber security or management, iAUTOMATION has specialists who help your projects.

Who we are

iAUTOMATION is a service provider with a specialization in the field of industrial automation. We advise, support and optimize in the pharmaceutical, food and biochem industry and energy sector.

Why choose iAUTOMATION?

iAUTOMATION from start to finish

You can trust that iAUTOMATION will support your project from start to finish and can provide you with the right knowledge. We can also fulfill every role within your project to help you complete the project on time, with the right quality and within budget, in as complete a manner as possible.

Our competences

iAUTOMATION specializes in: Project Management, Project Consultancy, industrial automation, MES, Technical consultancy, IT projects, supply of IT and industrial components and Industry 4.0 or digitalization.

Strong together

iAUTOMATION believes in the fact that working together should be a basis for the future. That is why we also believe that if iAUTOMATION enters into a partnership, it must be good for both parties and we must become stronger together through the partnership.

Completed projects



Have you just graduated? Or have you been working for a while now looking for a new challenge?

iAUTOMATION offers you the chance of a lifetime: an inspiring job with an energetic employer. We offer opportunities in various job areas, at all levels and throughout the country. A function to offer you knowledge in practice, to learn and to develop yourself.

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